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Articles avec #apollinaire traductions in english

Apollinaire traduction in English: The windows

26 Mai 2015, 11:15am

Publié par Samuel

From the red to the green all the yellow goes die
When sing the aras in the birthed forests
Giblets of pihis
There is a poem to make on the bird who as just one wing
We send it in telephonic message
Giant traumatism
He makes flow the eyes
Here a pretty girl among the youngs turish girls
The poor young man blows one's nose in his white tie
You will stir up the curtain
And now so there that goes open the window
Spiders when the hands weaves the light
Beauty palor unprobable violet
We will tempt in vain to take some rest
We will begin at midnight
When we have the time we have the freedom
Bigorneaux Lotte multiples suns and the urchin of the laying
An old pair of yellow shoes in front the window
The towers these are the streets
Shafts these are the places
Hollow trees who shelter the vagabonds Câpresses
The Chabins sing some airs to die
To the brown Chabines
And the oie oua-oua trumpet of north
Where the hunters of ratons
Scrapes the shoveling
Sparking diamond
Where the white train of snow and nocturnals fires avoid the winter
O Paris
From the red to the green all the yellow goes die
Paris vancouver Hyeres Maintenon New-York and the Antilles
The window is getting open like an orange
The beautiful fruit of the light

Guillaume Apollinaire, The windows in Calligrams (1914-1918)

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