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Articles avec #baudelaire traductions in english

Baudelaire traduction in English: The fountain of blood

26 Mai 2015, 09:22am

Publié par Samuel

It seems to me sometimes that my blood flow at floods
So as a fountain with some rythmics sobs
I heard him well who flows with a long murmur
But I feel me in vain for find the wound.

Toward the city, like in an enclosed field
He goes away, transforming paving stone in little islands
Thirst-quenching the thirst of each creature
And everywhere coloring in red the nature.

I've ask often to some captious vines
To fall asleep for a day the terror who down me away
The vine give away the eye clear and the ear more fine !

I've search in the love a forgetness sleep
But the love is for me not just like a mattress of needles
Made for give to drink to these cruels girls !

Charles Baudelaire, The foutain of blood in The flowers of evil

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